Monday, January 14, 2019

Listening to the Tongue of Many Nations, I Heard God's Whisper

The two pictures below may look like your standard Sunday morning service pictures... but really, they represent so much more.

These pictures are a reminder of a young mother's prayer, prayed 10 years earlier as she had just step out in faith, answering a call from the Lord.

A prayer prayed not for herself, but for her small children.

A prayer asking God not to forget her children.

They are a testimony which reminds:
-The Lord hears our heart's cry.
-He hasn't forgotten about us.
-His plan is perfect... His timing is perfect.
-He is our provider.
-He cares... even about the small stuff. He can even use the small stuff for His glory!

This particular Sunday, we had at least 5 different nationalities represented, who attend this church regularly. They each read a passage of Scripture in their native language, following with the congregation reading of the same passage together in English. 
This doesn't happen every Sunday, and some weeks we worship in song with these various languages. This church isn't even located in one of the big cities, and averages around 100 in attendance on a good Sunday morning. It is simply an awesome group of people who love the Lord, and He has amazingly orchestrated them to come together to worship Him and be the hands and feet of Jesus
What does this have to do with the young mother's prayer 10 years prior? Glad you asked!

My husband and I felt the Lord calling us to homeschool our children. Honestly, at that time, our area didn't even have that many options or resources readily available. Stepping out in faith, we agreed to take homeschooling a year at a time and see where the Lord would lead. 
As a parent, you want to provide every positive opportunity possible for your child that they would need. I didn't know what that would look like with us homeschooling. In the back of my head, I always told myself, "We will do it for a few years..." Each year, we still felt the Lord was telling us to keep homeschooling. 
Progressing toward the high school years made me feel unequipped. So many high school classes I didn't feel qualified to teach. I specifically remember in the early years wondering how in the world I would teach a foreign language or Geometry. 

As I stood, listening to all these beautiful languages reading the Word of God, I smiled as I heard the Lord say, "See... I didn't forget your children." 
You see, my son is learning German this year. One of the widowers from our church was born and raised in Germany, and my son has been meeting weekly with him to practice speaking his German.
 My daughter has a passion for another country, which there is another lady at our church she is good friends with who speaks that language as well. 
And then the Lord kept reminding me of other instances...
My son is now playing guitar every Sunday morning on our church's worship team.  What started as a simple interest, God saw fit to see him use his talents in service for him.   This time last year, he would have never agreed to go up on stage to play the guitar with all those people able to see him.  But the Lord had spoken to his heart, and worked out the timing of the invitation to play with the worship team to happen at the right moment.  Don't you just love it when you can see God's hand every step of the way!

My daughter loves to sew, but I don't really know anything about it... A little over a year ago, a group of ladies from church started a crafting / quilting group that meets once a month, and my daughter can get individual instruction or answers to her questions on various projects. Those same ladies have invited us into their homes to also teach various sewing skills. He cares about our children's hearts and interests.  This was something she enjoys, and He surrounded her with a wealth of knowledge on the subject!

During these past 10 years, our family have served the seniors of our church in their monthly gathering. My daughter was a toddler when we began serving, and at that time, the kids' main job was to put the salt and pepper shakers out on the table. 
As they grew, they took on new jobs and responsibilities, but what I noticed the most... they were learning from those precious people how to be a servant for the Lord.

 One day, I remember my son was watching our pastor mop the kitchen floor after everyone else had left. He was probably 7 or 8 at the time. He had been watching for a few minutes, just taking it all in. You could tell by the look in his eyes and the squirm in his sit, he was antsy to give it a try. Finally, he quietly bounded over to the pastor and asked, "Can you teach me how to do that?" I noticed he didn't say, "Can I mop the floor? " or "Can I do it?" He knew the pastor was more experienced and knew from watching in the past that he had a certain way he always mopped the floor. That kind pastor stopped what he was doing and taught my young son that day how to mop the floor. To this day, my son still talks about it, and he now mops the floor with excellence :) 

I could keep adding to the list... and what I found is that the Lord provided in ways I never expected.

So, this past Sunday, through the reading of His Word in over 5 different languages, God reminded me that He hasn't forgotten my prayer that I prayed 10 years ago as I began our homeschooling journey. 
He has a greater plan than any I could have ever created on my own.
I'm not implying my kids will have the world's top teachers and learn everything about all these subjects from these resources the Lord provided at this very moment... but it was His whisper to me, letting me know He hasn't forgotten them. They will get what they need.... and learn some pretty awesome lessons about life and God's provisions along the way.
Be encouraged this Monday in your homeschool. Let Him lead.

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