Monday, January 15, 2018

Reading Through the Bible as a Family: Update

Yes, our family is still reading through the Bible as a family.  I haven't updated in awhile because things have been, well, interesting for us.  

Last year the Lord began moving in some very unique ways for our family.  Some were pretty amazing and allowed us to minister to many wonderful people who needed encouragement in a variety of ways.  

But there were also those things the Lord was doing in our lives that weren't all fun and easy times.  Many days life just didn't make sense, but I tried to just keep following God... and He just kept blessing!  It was a very humbling year.  We serve a great big merciful God!

But I wanted to give you an update on our reading the Bible as a family.  We just finished reading Jonah and Micah, gearing up to read Amos.  Last year we ended up buying a couple of reference books that breaks each book of the Bible down, gives a little history and sometimes shows maps.  This proved to be a neat addition to our Bible reading.

During the two weeks of flu season in our house, we took advantage of online audio versions of the Bible.  We have learned to go with what you have.

Want to read more about starting to read through the Bible as a family?  Check out this blog post which gives some ways to get started.  Visit the #BibleReadingFamily page to follow my family as we continue on this journey together.

Blessings to your family in the new year!

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