Tuesday, January 17, 2017

He Hasn't Forgotten You

Eight years ago, the Lord called my husband and me into family ministry.  I remember vividly the excitement and anticipation I felt with the endless possibilities of where the Lord would lead us.  Since that time, ministry has taken on several varied roles, some of which looked nothing remotely like what I had envisioned doing for the Lord.
A few years after we started working in family ministry, I was asked to take a ministry position that I honestly wasn’t feeling.  Children’s ministry was not where I thrived!  Realistically, I knew with this new ministry I would not be able to devote as much time to the family ministry.  After much prayer, I believed I needed to obey the Lord and serve in this ministry. By accepting the position of children’s minister at my local church, the family ministry had to be placed on the back burner.  It just sat there, catching my eye as my other ministry obligations were consuming my time.  While my work with children’s ministry was important for the Kingdom of the Lord, it still broke my heart to not be working in the area I felt the Lord had called me.

It was hard. Let’s just be honest, following the Lord when you can’t see where He is leading you is like stepping off a high porch without looking to see just how far down the next step is.  I reached a point that I ask, “God, have you forgotten about me?  I thought we had a plan.”

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