Friday, May 6, 2016

Primary Roles of Life

A few months ago our eight year old daughter told me she felt called to be a missionary.  This touched my heart, but did not surprise me in the least.

As a mother, I have been praying that my children would listen and have the boldness to follow after the will of the Lord for their lives.

My daughter heard from the Lord, but she came to me for guidance.  I, in turn, had to go to my heavenly father for wisdom and guidance.  If you've read my post about Stepping out of my Comfort Zone, then you know where I stood on missions when I was younger.  However, for the past several years, my husband and I have felt a heavy heart for missions.  Our knowledge on the subject however was somewhat limited.

In just a few months time, the Lord has opened the doors wide for us to take a more active role in missions with our ministry.  I am in awe how the Lord works in such perfect time!

Shortly after my daughter's conversation, our family attended the Teach Them Diligently Conference where we heard Jon & Ann Dunagan speak from Harvest Ministry.  My husband and I both agreed it was all part of the Lord's plan for us to hear their sessions.  This is where I learned about Daring Daughters, a ministry started by Ann to encourage women of all ages to answer the call to missions.  They offer training for mothers and daughters (How perfect is that!) and even better, they have opportunities for you to start your own group in your area to have moms and daughters to come together and become more active in missions.

Yesterday, I watched a video from Ann about making a Primary Role Square so we can be reminded to pray about what God has called us to do in our lives.
The Lord has a plan and purpose for each of our lives.  Many of us carry several roles in the greater plan.  Sometimes it can be hard to keep the vision... or stay on task.

I am guilty of trying to juggle too many at one time.  When we do this, the quality and time we give to each role is hindered.

So, I recently sat down and prayed about my roles that the Lord has given me.  I narrowed my primary roles down to 5.

Here is my 5 Primary Roles Square:

1. Wife - (heart)
2. Mom - Homeschooling Mom (family pic)
3. Minister of God's Word (Bible)
4. Blogger / Speaker for Back to the Basics Family Ministry (Family with Cross)
5. Advocate for Missions (globe)

Take some time and make your own Primary Roles Square:

1. Pray about the plan and purpose the Lord has for your life right now.  Try to limit it to 5 roles to focus on for this.  What areas is the Lord placing a heavy burden in your heart right now?  Your square won't necessarily look like mine!  Maybe you have no idea.  Ask God to show you what roles HE wants to take priority in your life right now.
2. Write your 5 Primary Roles on paper.  Are you a wife, mom, teacher, care giver, vet, blogger?
3.  Decide on simple icons to represent each of your roles.  I quick Google search is all you really need if you're not into graphic design.
4.  Put your 5 icons on a white square.  I love to use Canva to make stuff, but you could do this with any basic program, even Microsoft Word or the equivalent.
5.  Print it off and hang it up.  Post this square where you will see it often so it will remind you to pray about your 5 primary roles the Lord has given you for your life at this moment.

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