Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Reading Through the Bible as a Family: Week 7

We finished Exodus!

I think everyone feels accomplished to have completed two books together.  Just in the amount of reading we have done together has helped the kids understand the Old Testament better regarding the children of Israel.

If you think about it, there are MANY important references to the Children of Israel throughout the Bible.  I can remember sitting in Sunday School or Children's Church, hearing a teacher discuss the Children of Israel, but never being quite sure I understood just exactly who they were because I didn't know why they were in the Bible ALL.THE.TIME.

Thankfully, I feel more confident that my kids will at least remember who the Children of Israel are if nothing else.

The end of Exodus gets pretty detailed about the tabernacle.  The kids also found it interesting that God came as a cloud by day and a fire by night.  But they had a good question:  Why was Aaron so special?  Why couldn't anyone go and do their own sacrifices?  Interestingly enough, this morning we read in Ephesians where Paul was telling the Christians that we can all come to God through prayer because of Jesus!  I love how the Lord directs our readings in that way!

An Honest Look at our Family's Devotion Time:

This week we actually missed our first night of family devotion.  We had spent the day moving my grandmother into her new home.  By the time we made it back home, got everyone's showers, all of my crew was curled up on the couch asleep before 8:30!  I hate that we missed one night.  Out of seven weeks with as much sickness as our house has had, I'm thankful it has only been one night.  This has made us discuss possible changes in our weekend routine to avoid conflicts such as this in the future.

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