Monday, July 29, 2013

In His Perfect Time

During my high school years, I had a great joy for writing.  I could sit and write stories, songs and poetry all day.  It was a nice coping strategy for me throughout the awkward teen years.  I wrote poetry about broken hearts, friendships, dreams and ambitions.  As often as I wrote, I never was really all that confident in my ability. 
My grandmother wrote poetry and other musings.  She even sent in and had one of her poems published in a book.  I remember thinking how wonderful it would be to have words that you wrote printed in a book for all to read!  That became my secret ambition.
One day during my senior year of high school, my dream of ever being a writer was put on hold.  When I explained to my English teacher that I wanted to be a writer... she laughed.  I was crushed.  I was already having a hard enough time deciding on a college and a major.  To have my English teacher laugh at my dreams of becoming a writer pretty much squashed any dream for this teenager. 

I went to college, studied Business and Information Systems.  I was bored stiff in all my business classes, soared through most of my computer classes, and thoroughly enjoyed all my Composition classes.  Once again, I was torn about the decision I had made, wondering if I was making the wrong decision by not seeking a career in writing.  I was fairly certain I'd find a job in the computer field.  I knew the job market for writing would be hard.  I suppose I chickened out and took the easy road.  I graduated with my Business and Information Systems degree.  For several years, the only writing I did was for technical manuals.  Not exactly what I would call a page turner, but I even found some slight level of enjoyment with that.

Nearly nine years since I was writing those technical manuals, I have managed to keep fill my desire to write by writing several online articles... and writing the occasional blog post.  But in February of this year, I decided to pursue a goal that I had always had.  As I began praying and seeking the Lord for direction, the doors began to open.   After contacting an international Christian magazine, which I had grown up reading, it was only a matter of months before my first article was published in print... just in time for Mother's Day!

The Lord has a perfect plan.  Not just a plan for us, but the RIGHT plan. 

The world will try to talk us out of God's plan.  It is easy to feel discouraged and inadequate at times in what the Lord has called us to do.  But I am reminded of the famous quote,

"God doesn't call the qualified, he qualifies the call!" 

I could have easily vowed never to write again. I could have chosen to ignore His call to add writing to the ministry He called me into a little over 2 years ago.  But I didn't.  And I am so thankful that I stepped out of my comfort zone, yet again, to trust God for His perfect timing!

I was surprised yesterday when someone in church announced that I had another article published in this month's issue of the magazine.  I had no idea!  I didn't even know which article they had chosen.  I thought it was fitting that it was one titled, "Stepping Out of your Comfort Zone" taken from this blog post that I wrote back last year. 

The Lord's timing is perfect.  He knows just what you need to re-energize you, to comfort you... to simply encourage you.  He also knows just the right time to show you what He has planned next! 

Looking back, I can see the Lord's perfect timing in so many blessings in my life.  I can also see it in my struggles.  The timing of my children, the placement of friends, the job losses... the new job offers.  Even the lack of our home not selling... for several years now.  It is ALL in His perfect time.

When we are able to sit back and learn from God's timing, not only do we grow as individuals, but our spiritual lives with the Lord grows that much more.

 For anyone interested, here is a link to purchase the digital form of this month's issue of White Wing Messenger for a small price.  **This link is strictly for your convenience. I do not receive anything if you purchase from this site.

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