Monday, July 15, 2013

2013-2014 Curriculum Choices

This year, plans have come together a little slower than normal.  But after finally being able to take the time and pray about the curriculum we picked for the children, I feel more confident about the choses we made.  Not everything is final, but at least I have everything purchased (for the most part) and narrowed down.

I will be teaching 3rd and 1st grade this year.  After last year, I was more determined to try a literature based curriculum that we could use together for both children.  I also wanted readers for my 3rd grader that went along with the topics we were covering.  After much consideration, we decided as a family that Paths of Exploration from Trail Guide to Learning would be a good fit for us.  With that said, my homeschooling style, like most, doesn't fall 100% into any one category, so I will be picking and choosing what we do from this curriculum, and supplementing in other areas.

Here is a basic outline of what I have planned for the new school year:

  • Continue study of Genesis – daily
  • Rod & Staff Read Aloud 1 with 1st Grader - 2xs a week
  • Get A Clue – for days on the go
  • The Scripture Sleuth2 – Fridays or Co-op days
  • Bible Memory – including 23rd Psalm & Mathew 6:9-13, along with character study scriptures
  • Hymn Study - 1 per month (In case you need ideas, here's our list for the year)

  1. July – He Set Me Free
  2. August – I’ll Fly Away
  3. Sept – Victory in Jesus
  4. Oct- Nothing But The Blood
  5. Nov – Bringing in the Sheaves
  6. Dec – Count Your Blessings
  7. Jan – I Surrender All
  8. Feb. – Leaning on the Everlasting Arms
  9. March – Power in the Blood
  10. April – What A Friend We Have in Jesus
  11. May – Amazing Grace

2. Manners / Economics :  weekly

Home Economics for Homeschoolers

3. Character Study : daily

  • A Little Rebel Becomes A Saint – 1st Semester
  • Wandering May – 2nd Semester
  • The Hedge or Thorns – extra

4. Spelling: daily

  • Paths of Exploration or A Beka lists
  • Spelling City will be used to help

5. History:

  • Paths of Exploration - We will also be using our History Timeline Notebook during our readings.
  • ABeka US History Grade 3 – 2nd Semester for more map study

6. Science:

Apologia Zoology 1 – finish from last year (POE Units 2, 4, 5, 6)
Magic School Bus Unit Studies – Solar System, Air, Water (1st Semester) Solids, Liquids, & Gases, Acids and Bases (2nd Semester)
3rd Grader – Engineering Robotics Class (Fall Semester)

7. Writing : daily

  •  3rd Grader - Writing with Prayer 2 – Christian Liberty Press (begin cursive)
  • Paths of Exploration copywork
  • 1st Grader- Zaner-Bloser Handwriting 1(Semester 1)
  • Copybook II – Memoria Press (Semester 2)

8. Art :

  • Nature Journal
  • Thankful Journal
  • Paths of Exploration
  • Draw-Write-Now The United States (2nd Semester)

9. Typing : weekly

Computer Game & BBC online

10. Language Arts:

3rd Grader
  • - Grammar – ABeka Grade 3 & Paths of Exploration
  • Reading – Paths of Exploration
  • Independent Reading -  20 minutes a day
1st Grader

11. Math:

3rd Grader – A Beka 3 & computer Program
1st Grader – A Beka 1

*1st grader is taking piano lessons as well, and will probably continue throughout the year.

In addition, we are looking to join a local co-op in town that meets 1 day a week.


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