Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Tomorrow is a New Day!

The week had begun as far away from my plan as it could be.  By Thursday morning, I was ready to have the day back on schedule.  Did that happen?  Hardly. 

5:30 came way too early this morning.  It was apparent that I simply passed out last night.  It would seem I woke up more tired than when I'd actually gone to bed.  My entire body hurt.  But I finally drug myself from the warm bed, got dressed, and through the morning fog in my brain, warmed up some breakfast in an attempt to jump start the day. 

Then the kids were up and the day was full go!  What happened to my quite time that I've been planning to have every morning since the first of the year?  What?  It's already the last day of January?  It cannot possibly be.  I have so much still to do!  Too tired to dwell on that, I get the kids to start the morning routine.

As a homeschooling mom, order is important to me, but the thought of order makes me laugh.  In my head, our school day begins at 8... reality, I'm totally happy and doing great if it's started by 9. 

We make it to our school room. I sit down to start our lessons, only to find my son reading his Bible. The same child that HATES to read.  I look across the room, my youngest is seated at her table, reading her book out loud.  Melts a mom's heart.  Do I stop this rare behavior to keep on the schedule I want so badly?  NO!  I sit down quietly, and listen.  Just simply listen. I listen to my son read Genesis chapter 1 as he grins proudly from ear to ear.  I then let him quiz me over what he just read as he announces that he thinks teaching must be fun.  No wonder I like it so much, he adds.

Next, since we were already so much into reading this morning, we decided to pile up in the recliner and read all the chapters from literature study.  By this point, I could tell I was ready to do school by the fireplace.  Ah, how I love doing school by the fireplace!

So, we packed up and moved our stuff into the living room.  Everyone did their work.  I taught a few lessons and then it was time for lunch.  I gave the kids a break and sat down to look over some web design work I was having trouble figuring out.  I don't know about you, but when I can't figure something out, I tend to get in a bad mood. On top of my currently frustration, I learn that I messed something up that was a pretty big deal.

Being disappointed in yourself is never a good feeling.  You can't blame anyone else, it's all YOU!  Laying it all down, I knew I must simply walk away and seek my Father.  Too many times I try to control things.  I try to fix things.  I try to carry the weight of it all. 

I am daily having to readjust my route to stay focused on the bigger picture. Stepping back, laying everything down, and must go straight to the Father... and just sit at His feet. I can't carry it all, do it all, or fix it all. If I try, I will fail at it ALL.  I know first hand!

But you know what?  I'm ok with that.  Do I still get frustrated?  Most definately!  But it is easier knowing that the Lord simply wants me to come and sit at His feet. 

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