Monday, March 25, 2013

Easter Basket Ideas

Easter is almost here!  I don't know about you, but I'm always looking for some fun and unique items to add in my children's baskets.  This year was no exception to my search.  I try to include fun, practical, and educational items that do not cost a fortune.  I'm learning as my son gets older, this is getting harder.  Below is a photo of the baskets my kids received last year.

We have always given our kids "Spring Baskets" on Palm Sunday, in a small effort to try to separate the receiving of gifts and prizes from the true reason why we celebrate the Easter holiday. It also saves on the hustle and bustle of Easter morning. More time for family pictures before church!

I usually try to include some items in their baskets to encourage the kids to get out and enjoy the outdoors during spring.  Last year, I read a blog on healthy Easter basket ideas and was inspired to give the kids seeds and make them their own individual gardens.  Seeds can be found at very reasonable prices for both flowers and vegetables.  This year for our garden spot, we will be making the children small and simple raised beds with supplies we already had on hand. 

As a mom, I know they will acquire more candy throughout Easter, so I choose not to add to it this year.  However, offers many healthier candy alternatives for the holidays.

Here are some other Easter Basket filler ideas:
  • Sidewalk Chalk - My kids still love sidewalk chalk. This year we actually ran out, so this was a no brainer for their baskets.  You can find chalk at Dollar Tree or the dollar bins in Target year round usually.
  • Books - My oldest received his first Cul-de-Sac Kids book, The Double Dabble Surprise, by Beverly Lewis.  These mystery books have characters with Christian values.  I purchased this particular book at Lifeway back a few months ago with a free $5 gift card, so this book was technically free.  I have also found others from this same series at used book stores in the area.  My youngest received a Ballerina sticker book and a new math workbook that I picked up at Dollar Tree.
  • Family Movies - Last year I included Lil' Treasure Hunters, a movie I purchased at Lifeway with yet another free $5 gift card, making the movie free.  Check out Lifeway's $5 movie section.  They change up their movies that they offer for $5 all the time.  I try to pick these up when I find a good one and save for a special occasion like this.  In previous years, I have picked up various Veggie Tales dvds to include in their baskets, but they have since moved past this stage.  This year my oldest received, The Sugar Creek Gang, Secret Hideout. These are family friendly movies based after The Sugar Creek Gang books.  I found this at Lifeway back at the first of the year on Clearance.
  • Flossers
  • Easter Socks
  • Hair bows- This was on our list, but we never found one to match her Easter dress... but still good idea.
  • Seeds
  • Art Supplies - Stock up in the fall during the back to school sales for best prices.  This year I found soft pastels for my son and watercolor pencils in a nice carrying case for my daughter, all very reasonably priced at Home Goods. This was a big hit in the baskets this year.
  • Bubbles
  • Science Projects - This year a found the Green Science Windmill Generator at Cracker Barrel on clearance for around $2.  I always check out the clearance section all year long and try to keep some gifts like this tucked away for either Christmas or their spring basket.
  • Jump Rope
  • Camping Supplies
  • Anything glow in the dark for their room 
  • Electric Toothbrush
  • Natural Lotion and Soap
  • Money inside the plastic eggs!

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