Saturday, July 21, 2012

If I Never Became A Mom...

I heard someone use this at the beginning of a sentence last week and knew right away it would be the title of my next blog. I never even heard the woman finish her sentence, probably because about twenty endings to her sentence immediately flooded my mind.

If I'd Never Become a Mom, what would my life be like?

Well, more than likely I would not be writing this blog. I probably wouldn't even have a blog, or if I did, it would be some techie geek-girl blog.

If I'd never become a mom, I would have missed out on all of the wisdom that I've acquired in the mere 8 years I've been a mom... Wisdom that only comes to a heart of a mother while she's learning first hand.

I would have never been able to experience love in a way, simply put, there is no other way to show or feel, except by being a mom. Until the moment I first held my son in my arms, my mind or heart, could not even comprehend loving a human being as much as I did from that very moment. It reminds me of the scene in The Grinch when his heart grows a few sizes.

I probably never would have learned to love reading. I tell everyone I didn't start reading until I became a mom. I started reading to my kids the first week I found out I was pregnant, and I haven't stopped since.

I obviously never would have been a homeschooling Mom, one of the best jobs in all the world. To learn to teach life lessons and then turn around and learn for myself is always an amazing feeling. To be right with my children the first time they do a science experiment or write their name in cursive is something I will treasure. To be able to hear one of my children explain something in great detail, knowing I taught them that the previous year, and actually have them give ME credit for teaching them that fact makes me a little proud, too. But most of all, I love our morning prayer time.  To be able to see how my children are growing daily in their relationship with the Lord is the greatest reward.

If I never became a mom, I would not have the friends I have today because, well, when you're my age, and you have children, you tend to migrate to others who have children, too. For that, I am so grateful for those special friendships.

The life lessons the Lord has taught me through my children are both countless and priceless. I learn about the Lord by listening to my children. There are no sweeter, nor more sincere words than those spoken of a child while they pray.

If I never became a mom, there would be no need to have the house I have now. No need to ever become a minivan driving mom, nor would there ever be a need to have learned all the different tricks to making homemade baby food. I would have never truly understood how much parents get a raise when their kids go off formula and diapers. Neither would I have developed true compassion for the mom at the store whose kid is screaming as she goes down every aisle, because, I now know she wants to be there even less than the child does!

I also wonder where my marriage would be had I never become a mother. True, we would have more time and money to be able to do things together, but I wonder if we would have truly been one of those couples, or if we would have just worked and got caught up in the rat race of life.  Children bring many characteristics to a marriage.  They bring you out of your comfort zones and redefine you as a couple.  Children also bring a sense of hope to a marriage that otherwise adults might not see or feel.

I also wonder if the Lord would have still called me into the ministry if I'd not been a mother. Would He still feel the need for Matt and I to lead a family ministry if we had no children? Would I still have heard the Lord call and obediently answered? My children came at a very critical turning point in my life. My children are a blessing sent from God, no doubt. He knew the right timing, knew the characteristics of each child.

Probably one of the most amazing insights that I've had since becoming a mother is that I feel I have more compassion for my own mother. I sincerely love her more now and understand the reasons why she did what she did. And I am able to count so many blessings from having my parents in my life because, I now understand the love and hardships of being a mom.

True, my clothes might would look nicer, my hair a little more stylish, and I might actually get a full nights sleep had I never become a mother, but oh the blessings I would have missed.

Our bills may be great in our house, but our Love is greater.
The noise level in the house might make my ears hurt some days, but I never feel lonely.

I am so blessed to be a Mother. 

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