Tuesday, March 20, 2012

The Egg Drop Study

While reading Thomas A. Edison, Young Inventor, we are using Beyond Five in a Row for other creative science and history lessons.  One of the activities suggested an egg drop experiment - a lesson on packaging items.  The weather has been unusually warm and wonderful, so we grabbed a few supplies and ran out the door.

Georgia decided to wrap hers in bubble wrap and place in a simple gift bag.

Georgia's bag simply being tossed through the air.

Yay!  It didn't break!

At this point, we decided to make things a little more interesting.  I mean, in an egg drop you expect at least one egg to break!  So, we decided to test our packaging method from a higher distance.

Georgia's still didn't break. 

Walker's blanket packaging wasn't enough to keep the egg from breaking during that drop.  I don't really think he had it in the center during this drop.

Next, Walker wanted to try packaging his egg by placing it in the center of a simple rubber tire, without any other protection.  It landed in the grass - unbroken. I was shocked!

A fun afternoon project the kids enjoyed and didn't require any prep time.  My favorite!

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