Monday, February 27, 2012

Taking Our First Steps With Jesus Each Morning

Recently, I was working on a devotion to give at the Valentine's Banquet for the couples at our local church. While reading through some devotions in the Couples Devotional Bible, I came across an idea that I thought would be good for not only me, but something the kids could do as well.

Getting the day started on the right foot can be hard, even for the best morning person, unless your like my good friend, Heather Hall, and already happily posting uplifting messages on Facebook at 5:30 am.  But for me, I can use all the help I can get to remind me how to best start my day. 

The kids and I took a large sheet of blank paper and wrote the name "Jesus" real big with markers.  We actually used the back of one of those giant coloring book pages.   The kids chose different phrases to write on their sheet, such as "Jesus is the Reason" and "Wake Up with Jesus!"  The kids even traced their feet, isn't necessary but cute.  Keep it simple.  After they finished decorating their sheet, we placed them on the floor by their beds at the place their feet first touch each morning.  I explained to the kids that as soon as our feet hit the floor in the morning, we need to remember to start our day with prayer.
Ok, this was mine...again, nothing fancy!  This is also after we've used it for a few days.
This is my daughter's.  She placed it right where she climbs out of bed every morning! 
(See how she colored in where she traced her feet?)
The oldest decided to come up with his own phrase, drawing Jesus and the Bible for illustration.

Prayer is the best way to establish our relationship with our Savior.  Typically, once my feet hit the floor in the morning, I'm on the go until my feet finally climb into bed, at some point after the sun has gone down.  With this, it helps to remind me even on those mornings when I'm not truly awake when I crawl out of bed that I should start my day praising the Lord!  My youngest has really taken to this morning reminder.  It not only reminders her to pray in the morning, but it reminds her each time she walks in her room.  I love it when I walk by her room and I hear her praying. 

Hope this simple little activity helps renew and recharge your prayer time!

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