Monday, February 27, 2012

Presidents' Day Celebration

Now, most kids around here do not go to school on Presidents' Day, but I would guess for the majority of homeschoolers, Presidents Day is a popular school day.  What better day to really introduce the children to our country's Founding Fathers?  I also took this time to introduce some of America's famous landmarks, such as the Liberty Bell, Independence Hall, the White House, and Mt. RushmoreMy 4 year old will not stop talking about Mt. Rushmore now!

For the past few months we had been studying Betsy Ross, using Beyond Five In A Row.  We actually finished our study last week, so the Liberty Bell and Independence Hall were still fresh on their minds.

We started off our presidential celebration by using some president flashcards I had picked up at Target in the $1 bins.  We simply focused on the first ten.  However, my son did ask about Abe Lincoln, so we found him and included him in our drill.  We took some time to sing the "Presidents" song from Classical Conversations Public Library.

After this, we played a cute trivia game that both my children got involved with and enjoyed called History Mystery PRESIDENTS.  I picked this up at the beginning of the school year at Dollar Tree. 

The game basically gave three different facts about a president and you had to guess which president they were talking about.  I was happy to see after playing 2 games, they had really retained some unique facts about the presidents we discussed that day.

Next, we had story time.  I had my son read to us a portion of George Washington: Our First President, a level 2 reader.  Then I read to them Abe Lincoln's HatIf you have not read this story yet, I highly recommend it.  It was a big hit!

During story time, I let them build a log cabin with Lincoln Logs, but missed getting a picture before the youngest destroyed it. 

I had a few more resources that I had actually planned on using, but decided to keep for future studies.  The day flowed smoothly, and we added in some harder math by subtracting how old the presidents would be if there were still living. 

Some days just work out better than you plan!

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