Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Family Candlelight Valentine's Dinner

Sometimes it's hard for couples with young children to take the time and have those special moments to say, "Hey, I love you more than you'll ever know!"  Finances, schedules, or needing a babysitter can all be reason enough to keep some from celebrating our special someone around this time of year.

Now, for my husband and I, Valentine's Day had gotten to be quite the life-changing holiday.  In the first few years of marriage, each year on Valentine's Day something big would happen.  One year we closed on our land, the next we started our building loan and found out we were expecting our first child.  After that it was just a vehicle purchase.  I was somewhat glad to see some low-key Valentine's Days following these.

This year, my husband worked all day.  The kids and I worked on school work until lunch, then we dedicated the rest of the day to gearing up for our surprise Valentine's Day celebration. 

Surprise #1 - After a fairly quick trip to the library, we went to were my husband works and secretly placed our Valentine cards in my husband's truck.  The kids thought this was so sneaky, they loved it!  And I think it made my honey smile too, knowing that we were thinking of him while we was working.

Surprise #2 -  Well, with all the excitement from being so sneaky, the youngest crashed on the way home.  While she napped, my son and I made up the brownie batter and let it cook while we did a little exercising on the Wii.  Then, we battled it out with some racing on the Wii until the youngest woke up and it was time to decorate our heart shaped brownie!
I was really impressed with how well they decorated this on their own. 

Surprise #3 - Ok, to be honest, I only had the first two surprises planned for the day.  The rest of the evening just kinda... happened.  I asked the kids if we wanted to have a candlelight dinner with Daddy, and of course, they said YES!  After this, I decided to have a fancy dinner in the formal dining room, not something we do except for holidays.  The kids helped me decide on the table runner and the rest of the table decor.  Boy, were they excited to have a say in how things looked!  When I started pulling out the "fancy plates" the youngest asked if she was going to get to use a pretty glass, too.  Now, she's 4 and a fairly calm child at the table.  We hardly ever use these glasses, so if an accident happened to the glass, it wouldn't be the end of the world for me.  So, I said "SURE" and gave each kid a straw in their glass to help them not have to handle the glasses so much.  The youngest placed the cloth napkins on the table and my oldest placed the glasses in their proper place.  It was nice to see that our etiquette class had paid off last semester. This is what the table looked like when we were all ready.

Ok, now this dinner was simple, yet formal enough the kids will not soon forget the  night mom let them eat with the candles lit.  This was a BIG deal to them.  The kids also did their best job of getting cleaned up and putting on their nice dinner clothes... all by themselves.


As a very last minute idea, I ran and got our wedding music CD and had that playing softly in the background.  When my hubby came through the door, he was nicely surprised. 

Oh, what meal did we serve for such a fancy family-fun dinner on this Valentine's Day?  Tacos, of course!

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