Saturday, March 6, 2010

Preparing for Emergency Situations

Earthquakes, tornados, or any other kind of disaster can wreak havoc on our families. Today, the news is full of stories of disasters striking all around. Any good boy scout would tell you it is better to be prepared. I know thinking about these awful things happening where you live is not a happy thought, but that would be one less worry on you if you should find your family in a emergency situation. 

Things to store at home:

  1. Food to eat
  2. Water to drink
  3. A way to cook
  4. A way to stay warm
  5. A way to see in the dark
  6. A toilet method (obviously for long time without water)
  7. Bedding to keep warm
  8. Medical supplies
  9. Battery operated radios
  10. Extra batteries
  1. Keep a few blankets
  2. Warm coat
  3. Walking shoes in summer
  4. Warm boats in winter
  5. Full tank of gas
  1. Tylenol
  2. Bandages
  3. Antibiotic ointment
  4. Any regular prescription
  5. Personal hygiene supplies
  1. Eat all the food in your refrigerator first
  2. Then eat your canned food supply
  3. Don’t open freezer unless freezer power will be out more than 3 days
  4. Canned goods are ideal for emergency food supply
    • 3 cans per family member per day of your emergency
    • Store can foods you like so once a year you can rotate your supply
    • Remember kid-friendly foods.
  5. Disposable plates & cups since water supply could be hard to find for washing dishes

  1. ½ Gallon per family member per day
  2. Remember to rotate your water.
  3. If you know a disaster may be on its way, fill all sinks, bathtubs, and clean containers with water.

Have extra disposable diapers even if using cloth

1 roll of toilet paper per family member per week.


  1. Matches in watertight metal box
  2. Candles and candle holders
  3. Kerosene lamps
  4. Coleman lanterns
  5. Flashlights
I wouldn’t rush right out and buy everything on this list tonight, but you could easily have quite a sufficient emergency kit over the next few months just by buying a few things here and there as they go on sale.

Also, if you have pets, don’t forget them in your emergency planning.

Try to store your emergency supplies all together to reduce searching in stressful situations.

Do you have any tips or supplies you would add to your list?

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