Friday, February 19, 2010

Family Blessing Jar with a Twist

Back in September we started a Family Blessing Jar with the kids.  This week the kids decided to put a twist on it, all on their own.  I thought some of you may like this idea for your family as well.

My kids made a "Family Prayer Request Jar" out of a plastic coffee container.  Anything with a wide opening and a lid, preferably plastic so the kids can handle it without fear of breaking it.  We put a colorful label on it.  Feel free to let the kids decorate it.  We cut up square pieces of paper and put them in a small envelope inside the jar.  Add a pen and you have everything all in one spot that you'll need to add a prayer request at any given time.  Don't forget to date your prayer request!

Next to the "Family Prayer Request Jar" we have our "Family Blessing Jar".  For this we have a slightly larger container, obviously in anticipation of all the many blessings God has for us!  We were using an old oatmeal container the kids had decorated, but we're now using a different plastic container that's see through with cut up squares in an envelope and a pen.  It has a nice label that reads:
Family Blessing Jar
The Lord blesses our families in many
different ways.  Sometimes we need reminding
of the wonderful things He does for us.  Write
down a blessing that happens to anyone
in your family and place it in the jar.  At
the end of the month, take them out and
read them all as a family to be reminded of
all that He does for us!

My kids came up with the idea that during our family devotion we'd take up prayer requests, write them down, and we'd pray for all the prayer requests in the jar.  As a prayer is answered, it is easy moved to the Family Blessing Jar and dated again.  This helps the kids see all that God is doing in their lives and is equally encouraging for me, as well.

Do your families do anything similar?  I'd love to hear about the encouraging things happening in your family devotions.

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